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Is Your Roofer Ripping You Off?

Are you being ripped off? – Do you understand what a brand-new asphalt roofing should cost?

After reading this article, you will know enough to hire a roofing specialist, just how much your new roofing system should cost, and ways to NOT be taken advantage of.
The expense of roofing a home is based on materials and labor.

Roofing Labor Costs

Roofing work is tough, dirty, labor extensive, and frequently dangerous, and all roofers are not equal. This is where roof expenses fluctuate.

Roofing labor costs are based on these elements:

  • The pitch of your roofing: Steep roofings cost more and roofing that is quickly walkable expense the least.
  • The height of your house: Single story houses cost the least; three story roofs cost the most.
  • The house design: Homes with lots of dormers and valleys are the most labor intensive and cost the many.
  • The layers of shingles: Having to remove more than one layer of shingles raises the Roof costs.
  • The experience: You can expect to pay more for expertise and professionalism.
  • The Soffit Vent: Soffit vents do not need to be changed, however, if your house does not have them, it will cost more to bring your home up to code. Remember no roofing producer will warranty a roofing with insufficient venting.
  • The decking: If you require roofing system boards replaced this will raise the roof costs too. ($ 2-$ 3 dollars per square foot).

TOTAL COST ESTIMATE: Labor roofing cost minimum you can anticipate paying is $150.00 per 100 square feet (10′ X 10′). Average work roof costs you can expect to pay is $270.00 per 100 square feet.

Roofing Material Costs

Roof products are the only part of an estimate you can compare apples to apples if your residential specialists are utilizing the same items.

Roofing item manufacturers require you to use more than just their shingles if you desire their products guarantee/warranty. With GAF they need you to use three parts.

Other roofing materials required are Drip edge, vent pipe flanges, action flashing, skylight flashing packages, and lead for the chimney.

The above roof materials expense between $140.00 to $165.00 per 100 square feet.

Difference Between Cost and Price

There is a difference between value and price; Cost is a one-time thing, and the cost is a 30-year thing. The price of one installation price quote might be higher than another, however, if you need to fix the lower quote and it only lasts 25 years or even worse five years, the cost of exactly what looked like the most affordable price quote is unbelievably high.

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